PV Solar panels

PV Solar panels (batteries)

We offer two types of PV Solar panels (batteries):

In other words Amorphous silicon thin film PV panels will be more efficient at collecting energy(during rainy and clody days), but they will take up more space to set up. More information on the benefits of each of these type of solar panels can be found from the manufacturers, dealers, specialists and the internet.

There are several variations how to connect solar pannels to the power network, depending on the needs of the household:

  • Independent power supply aka. OFF grid – with no connection to the power company. This solution is fairly expensive, but effective if you have to pay a similar price for setting up the connection to the power grid of the company.
  • With connection to the network aka. ON grid power supply – being connected to the grid is the most efficient solution. This solution can also be known as selling or storing the generated energy in you power companies network(known as the net balance principle). This method however is not recommended in Latvia untill spring 2013, as the local law is not set to work with this principle. For the best solution at your location you should find out wether this principle works in your cuntry, because after the ammendments to the law in Latvia this method should become the most populat and efficient way for setup.
  • With connection to network without batteries for daytime feed – with connection to the power companies network. A cheap solution, but far less effective, because the device will only cover your daytime power usage, solution usefull if you have a connection to the grid and if you want to reduce your electricity bill.

Everything depends on the desires of the client.


Untill the law concerning alternative energy in Latvia is ammended (estimated in spring 2013), we advise to wait with any purchases and setups of solar panels in Latvia.

To find the best power efficiency solution for your household feel free to ask questions, by e-mail or phone.