Vertical axis wind generators

Vertical (VAWT) axis wind generators

In 20/07/2011 the wind generator, as a design model was registered in the Patent board of the Latvian republic with the reg. Nr. D 15397.

The generator consists of a vertical axis  Savonius turbine, which is equped with: a 24 pole neodymium permanent magnet and a low speed 1000W or 500W generator. Currently available for design and production is the 3kW wind generator. The table descibing the power to speed ratio of a 500W generator can be seen in this picture.

In comparison to horizontal axis turbines (HAWT), our turbine requires significantly less space (rooftop, jacht etc.). The turbine does not require axial repositioning according to wind direction, which is significant for the breeze type winds in Latvia. The turbine does not have to be slowed down at higher wind speeds, it can hold even up to 35m/s strong winds. The turbine is designed to turn at a low speed, meaning it has a higher torque momentum, which also means it makes next to no sound. The only sound you would get is a slight buzzing from the generator, which during wind breezes cannot be heard anyway. This means that the turbine can be set u right next to your home, or even on top of your home(if your roof construction allows it) without any inconviniences. Because of the short distance to your homes power grid, it will significantly reduce cable lenghts as well as sectional areas of the cables, which results in less power losses and smaller setup costs!

Before any generator purchases we strongly advise acquiring the following information:

  • Observing the Wind atlass at 10m height – we generally recommend setting up the generator at these heights,
  • Make atleast a half-year long inspection of the wind at your desired location for the generator. We offer delivery of a measreing device, which could tell wether a wind generator is suitable for you, or wether you need to find a different solution!
  • Consult professionals of the subject!

To provide a more efficient power supply to the household, we offer to combine the wind generator with solar PV cells, also known as the  hybrid system – Wind generator connected with solar pannelswhich can better be observed in this schematic .

How does this system work? You can see this in a [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=08WfyOYggNM width=640 height=480 anchor= video] or you can come visit us and see it in action by yourself.


The wings of the turbine have a specific configuration, which have quite a workload to produce. Because of this reason there are not so many manufacturers that choose to produce this type of turbine. This type of turbine can be set up not just for electrical energy generation purposes, but also mechanical energy generation – powering boats, water pumps and more.

The turbine is connected to a „intelligent” MPPT controller, which charges a deepcharge battery(-ies). In turn, from the battery trough the invertor the produced current is fed to an AC-network. Part of the produced current goes to power your households network, the rest is being stored in the battery. Untill the law about alternative energy in Latvia is fixed (estimated in 2013) – this is the most effective setup of micro power production equipment.